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An Investment Proposal from Software Developer
WinCAD Solutions
8:26 AM 5/22/2009
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LA-central Software mini-enterprise
AZ-Tucson Software enterprise start-up

I am describing a business opportunity for selling software products I have developed for over ten years. These applications run on a giant industry leader in CAD technology, and aid designers for creative purposes. This industry leader, with millions of operating softwares sold globally is Autodesk,
The software I developed runs with AutoCAD, so it is marketable to various CAD related industries, from baseline AutoCAD users, to more specialized fields I will describe later in this paper. I believe my software is a niche product, not by it's programmatic application, but by it's artistic appeal upon an established multi-billion dollar field. I have proven innovations in my field, which have all been reliant on another industry giants automation and programming principles: Microsoft. I believe in the in-depth power of Microsofts digital technologies, from the applications to the core technology which Microsoft develops, supports and promotes. Given the nature of these two industry leaders, and the relationship of my product(s) within their software development success, I believe we could offer a number of my soft products, globally. I would like to spearhead the effort with one of my favorite applications I developed for use with AutoCAD: GeometriXxx. I love my product and am excited to show it to the world, maybe you will help me.

Description: GeometriXxx

What is GeometriXxx?
GeometriXxx is a software.

What is GeometriXxx?
GeometriXxx is an art/design geometry generator for use with AutoCAD (The leader in CAD technology, globally).

What is GeometriXxx?
GeometriXxx is angular inspiration for all kinds of artists, of all ages.

What does GeometriXxx do?
GeometriXxx uses AutoCAD graphic patterns for generating more complex geometric design patterns; geometries to work of or just enjoy.

What can GeometriXxx be used for?
Creation of art in a globally popular computer aided drafting environment- AutoCAD. This can be used just for artistic fun, or as a design generator applicable to any design field needing creative spatial design division, such as architecture, landscape architecture, landscape design, interior design, gaming design, facade design, paving design, urban design, park design, jewelry design, etc.

Why is GeometriXxx unique?
GeometriXxx aids creation of an individually true art form unique to each user. It opens a new door to designers looking for inspiration in creating design geometries and spatial divisions in AutoCAD. It creates angular logic which can be generated on-the-fly, in multiple experimental forms, quickly.

Why would we use GeometriXxx?
All design: cities, parks, crystals, patios, residences, paintings, songs, rifs, cacophony, architectures, the universe... etc. use a geometric logic, a tonal scale of math, a logic, from easy to comprehend, to gradations in between, to "chaos". This is about the underlying lines, angles and spaces which which underlay it all, however imperceptible. This starts with the basic, it's up to the user/customer to take it to the imperceptible... they will!

How is GeometriXxx used?
Users select a base pattern from AutoCAD. Users then order it's manipulation through design variations directed from GeometriXxx. These experiments can be saved as "styles" for future development, reference, or to share. You can work with patterns created at the pattern's center, which are recognizable from the center of polarity, through the extremities, where manipulated patterning approaches visual "chaos". The base logic of geometric manipulation is not recognizable the further you go from the center.

What are some examples of GeometriXXX design use and applications?
Children will love it too! Better, or should I say like Spyrograph. But this is an art geometry/vector tool to start out with.

GeometriXxx can generate unique line work logic for applying to facade design of any material in architecture. Since it creates vector based geometries, GeometriXxx can also become the basis for creating three dimensional architectural units which are two dimensional in construct; textures, levels but could benefit from artistic surfacing; Metals, glass, concrete, plastic, sculptural surfaces used in buildings, roadways, bridges, subways, dams, walls, paving, tile, murals etc.
GeometriXxx can create extremely simple or extremely complex geometries for use in wrought iron design, creating design ideas beyond normal human frequency; It inspires.

GeometriXxx can generate geometries on any plain, from vertical, horizontal, to angular and three dimensional variations. These can be used for aid in in the layout of plazas, parks, paving patterns and any other designed surfaces or spatial divisions which could benefit from fresh artistic approaches for creating design geometry.

Given the flexibility of user defined hatch patterns, commercially available patterns and AutoCAD provided hatch patterns coupled with the unique power of GeometriXxx, an artist/designer has a truly unlimited potential of what she can create with this application. Given the inspiring possibilities of GeometriXxx baseline capabilities also provides an inspirational tool for further custom development by the artist/designer. No two people will use GeometriXxx the same way, and regardless of the more imaginative or less, the person, the more creative uses will be discovered for this program by each user, it's inspiring to the designer. It is intended for innovative, creative imaginative designers, who want a tool to inspire NEW ideas and GeometriXxx provides not only the program, but a sampling of many ways Geometries can be used for creating spatial division and definition from chaotic to clearly perceived patterning, from simple to extreme complexity, with infinite variable potential for creating humanly impossible design foundation varieties for further development or as stand alone designs almost instantly.

Gaming and Visual Arts
GeometriXXX helps create spatial visuals that are uncommon, and infinitely variable from the stand point of the base geometry, and what you can do to it to create unique design frameworks. This program is open to the imagination, and is a tool for artists to use for fun or as a serious design tool. I believe it's application goes beyond what I can imagine, and I can say I love what it does. It is a step beyond traditional thinking, and I believe it breaks the Geomtric barriers that keep many designers trapped in using the same old rationale for ordering lines and space.


GeometriXxx Background:
I originally developed the ideas in GeomteriXxx for creating spatial distributions of plants in landscape architectural and land planning exercises. The goal was to create unique distributions for design, which could be varied according to geometry (where the plant is placed), planting density (plant/square foot, plant/acre) and plant species mix (total species population). But stop right there!
As I began using the application at several land design firms, I began to realize that the Geomtric concept the program used could be applied to many other design types. You could simply use it for art generation or architectural facades for 3D surface modeling or architectural panels, for geometric division of design panels, etc. I began designing wrought iron gates with the program, and did jewelry design too, etc. I realized all these new areas of design could inspire new versions of GeometriXxx, which were tailored and customized to aid various design types. But this is a future development, but possible indeed...

In the meantime:
I would like to market GeometriXxx in it's first finalized form, for spatial division and art geometry design in AutoCAD. Once a designer sees the potential of the tool, they can play with it, design with it, and work with it. It inspires ideas, as well as creates art geometry which is just plain fun to experiment with. I believe it is a versatile tool, which can be experimentally marketed globally, inexpensively.

About myself:
I develop software for use by designers in any artistic field, such as graphics, architecture, landscape architecture, garden design, 3D gaming level design, based upon two industry leaders Microsoft and Autodesk and their technologies and potential target markets.
I am an artist who became involved in developing softwares for design fields related to land development, namely planning, landscape, architecture, architecture and civil design. I have been surrounded by softwares that are very analytical, and give the appearance of such to fields which are actually capable of much more artistic influence. For this reason, within the framework of huge established software systems such as Autodesk and Microsoft products I developed customizations, within these systems, which can be marketed globally, and which develop a much more artistic end than is generally available in CAD. These design conceptualizations can be applied to landscapes, buildings, freeways, urban environments or to a hummingbird garden, a park, or a plaza. They are flexible and innovative.
My software is not a trick for applying once, but a set of open minded principles (and software) which can inspire new design directions for designers who are also adventurous, open minded, and innovative. The trick is infinity. Many of my soft tools and concepts cannot be defined by me alone, once another artist or designer uses them, they will generate things I cannot imagine. This is my definition of a true tool, an underlying infinite potential applied to a common, global, massive technology.

A Potential Evolution:
The advantage I foresee of our enterprise is a by-product of developing serious design and automation tools within Microsoft based technologies. It's not just the software products but also how the system works from concepts developed by Microsoft and other leading computer innovators. We can also market design business intelligence modeling. Another key advantage of this enterprise is that, like Microsoft, we develop canned solutions and aids that can help design businesses get more for their money than just software, we develop design related components for artistic support, such as graphics in vector and raster formats. I just develop this, and it's ready to be marketed globally, but I have no investor, and am not able to divert my attention from this software to web programming for it's promotion because of time. I have what I believe is a million dollar complex, but even selling 10K a month would be nice, and I thoroughly believe in my talent for this, my product, and the established software complexes it caters to, GLOBALLY. It does unique things on top of softwares with multiple millions of users world wide. It is more than a software, it is also a system of digital thought, and it also creates componentry also saleable, globally. It runs fully in the digital business atmosphere, little overhead, large market potentials, globally again. I can demonstrate my belief in my ideas and what possible critics do not know, that I do about my concept of it's appeal and timing upon already established huge global existing super successful software companies, who also provide more than a software, but a system of thought that works.
I have a strategy, but would think a good partner would be ready to send it out to the globe through the internet, from established enterprise servers like Yahoo/Google/Microsoft etc. I removed this from the web, as it was more of a set of techniques which were being more viewed than sold, and I want to keep it away from competitors looking for new ideas for as long as I can. It's ready to go for 2000-2004 versions of AutoCAD, but can easily be updated for newer versions of AutoCAD. I just ran out of time and resources, and did maybe to much R/Development, but it just kept getting better. I'm looking for a web end partner, and/or investor for this enterprise of a decade of my creativity.

Marketing and Promotion:
Very simple plan:
Phase 1 (12-24 months)
Use an established marketing server complex like Google or Yahoo for example.
Create an inexpensive e-store utilizing the established servers plumbing for transaction, storage and marketing.
Use the established servers promotional tools.
If the software(s) prove viable we expand marketing through the established server enterprise's advertising tools, consultation and possible customized consultation
I project Phase 1 e-commerce running 200-600 dollars a month, depending on the promotion apparatus
I project support costs being 50-200 dollars a month, for internet access, and possible developer network memberships (Microsoft/Autodesk)
I project my maintenace costs being $1000 a month

Phase 2 (24 months+)
If we consider it viable we can branch out to our own web enterprise, possibly in tangent with the e-commerce portion already established.
We would consider this to increase content supporting the software(s) such as videos, in-depth help with applying the technology to various fields, promotional videos, in-depth presentation of some of the developed techniques i have using the program.

Phase 3 (To be decided)
Given my background knowledge in the art of automating AutoCAD and other applications for specific design industries we could eventually not only sell the software product we ourselves use, but also sell the business intelligence models which the technology is based on, and it's relationship to production/management/design automation digital.

The above scenario (Phase 1) would cost less than $1800 a month according to my preliminary research, with no need for any extra web supports like domains, web sites etc.

If this initial offering proved successful, we could increase the marketing resources to other more specialized outlets and web supports.

Software Pricing:
I am not sure of the exact price for this software, but since it is unique and specialized, yet broad in it's potential appeal, I envision a purchased package being sold for $249-$549, or somewhere in this range. I believe it's unique qualities justify a higher price.

I am open to discussion of my ideas, thank you.

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