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I'm an innovator and problem solver, I love challenges and situations which bridge traditional design and new technologies. I'm very versatile, open minded and like progressive thinking to solve old problems in new ways. I can aid and support a number of overlapping fields. If it has to do with art, design, or computer, I can do it.

My first talent is traditional fine arts, from grade school desktops which always raised the angst of my elementary school teachers. From there I continued in art, taught from books, other artists and personal quests.

I went to school for landscape architecture, but decided to put a few years into a land development firm and became a planner by skills in land use conception, lotting, grading, illustrative plans, public graphics for meetings, proposal graphics etc. I then returned to my hometown and worked with an environmental firm to design environmental landscape projects.

Eventually I decided to learn more of the construction design needed to produce professional landscape architectural construction documents with a landscape architecture firm. At this time the computer technologies began eclipsing my love for one field of design, into another, the digital realm from Macintosh to Windows, 1989-1994.
With a marriage of design and automation technologies from the Microsoft school, which actually complemented my artistic needs, as software soon became a dominant tool of production, design and management.

15 years later, I'm now an advanced synthesizer of traditional technologies, art and design, with the digital technologies which can aid and empower them, including web technologies, programming, and automation design.



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AutoCAD Graphics/Design/Drafting

Digital Graphics

Software Development

Web Development

Geometry Software Test Images (GeometriXxx Beta)

Geometry Software Test Images (VexStar Beta Software Test Images)


Land Development Graphics


All software images are my designs*, including custom software interfaces and beta arts produced from software I designed or am designing/developing.
All web images: banners, logos, promos etc. are my designs
All AutoCAD images are my designs and drafting.
*Except Braveheart image, it was re-touched for a splash screen, ltd. edition.
*Some land planning graphics were ongoing projects and/or collaborative efforts, the graphic depictions are deigned by me.
*This web is a free web from template


Geometry Spatial/Planar Design Software Developments: